Data Science as a Service

Data Science is an art of how data practitioners like Simple Analytics go about treating data as a key foundational element for any organization that earns to have state of the art data strategy roadmap and belief that data is the bloodline of the organization.

Data Science consists of many disparate elements that constitute the building blocks with various techniques and theories from many subject areas such as mathematics, statistics, pattern recognition and learning, data engineering, data visualization, modeling, business intelligence and high performance computing with a single vision and goal of exploring meaningful data and creating buckets of data that could be useable downstream.

Simple Analytics is a pioneer in offering Data Science as a Service (DaaS), with highly trained skill sets through many years of consultancies with combination of mathematics, statistical and information management background.

Through our key capability offering, we at Simple Analytics seek to use all available and relevant data to effectively tell a story to our customers in a simple way in which data can be easily understood by non-practitioners.

Simple Analytics is one of the premier data analytics provider and we leverage sophisticated data analytics and business intelligence technology to help our clients find the hidden revenue generating components in the complex Big Data maze.

We at Simple Analytics, work closely with our customer business engagement managers to provide valuable insights by providing quality services through our data scientists to arrive at different ways of looking at data that was never traditionally looked at before. Our data scientists have excellent skill from top notch institutions in engineering, math, statistics and subject matter expertise.

Simple Analytics team also collabratively provides assessment, roadmap and planning with our customers' existing in-house data scientists to help achieve and meet the to-be state milestones.

Big Data Analytics

The Big Data Analytics capability offering from Simple Analytics provides opportunities for customers to discover deeper and more complete business level insights. This is accomplished by analysis and data visualization of large data volumes of all rapidly changing structured as well unstructured data.

In the last few years, the word “Big Data” have become common buzzword in IT. How did it all begin?

Well, it started when storage issues got hashed out. Initially, it was server virtualization. Then, it was data access via cloud computing. This led to data harnessing and processing of data with volume, variety and velocity. This gave birth to a novel idea for data practitioners like Simple Analytics.

We at Simple Analytics, know how to extract data and apply advanced data explorative techniques in deriving predictive, prescriptive and prospective analytics irrespective of size - large, medium or small.

With Simple Analytics' expertise in Hadoop-based platforms, Cloud Storage systems and distributed database, we understand our customers' need in this new age of Big Data. Our services keep data exploration and analytics simple rather than complex. Simple Analytics helps companies understand the potential of Big Data, empower them and help them become leaders in extracting, valuing and treating data as equity.

Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence

Managing and Extracting Data for Large complex transactional source systems gave birth to technologies such as Data Mining and Data Warehousing.

Almost all companies today have some form of Data Warehouse using Star, Snow flake Schema and relevant modeling standards and techniques.

Simple Analytics knows the right recipe to fix an Enterprise Data Warehouse program that is underperforming either due to misalignment with sponsors / product owners or for lack of quality in people, process and performance.

Our practitioners are experts in implementing Data Warehouse programs with ODS, Data Marts, Meta Data Repository and Master Data Management.

Although from an overall capability offering, we know it is just one of the capabilities that we offer services and solutions. We at Simple Analytics, believe a well-oiled Data Warehouse is the birth place of good quality analytics, scorecards and Dashboards and needless to mention a good Data Warehouse (DW) is the foundation for a successful BI program.

For services and solutions with regards to OLTP, OLAP, ETL and Reporting, we appreciate the opportunity to come and help you strategize and run the Data Warehouse programs effectively.

Our leadership advisory folks have many years of experience leading Data Warehouse programs and have initiated Data Governance Frameworks successfully.

Data Integration and Visualisation

Here at Simple Analytics, we keep your data simple. We understand the why, what and how of data. Data integration is a very critical piece to laying the framework for understandable or meaningful business intelligence. Simple Analytics' data practitioners have years of experience in the field of Data Visualization. We employ various plug n play technology appliance tools such as Tableau, QlickView, Spotfire, Roam BI, etc, to derive quick visualization of your data stored in the Data Warehouse using advanced scorecard and dashboard techniques.

One of the key challenges in today’s home grown data warehouses is employing effective data integration technology in connecting to various source systems. Simple Analytics proprietary data cupping technique makes data integration simple. Each source system data extract is taken as a single unit and effective data integration technique leveraged to source data across different layers until it gets rationally visualized.

Simple Analytics understands that today’s technology requires data integration programs to go after various company data assets such as unstructured resident data within social media, textual data and complex subject matter oriented data that is platform agnostic.

Simple Analytics leaders provide thought and leadership to our customers in encouraging and promoting forward-thinking, innovative ideas. Simple Analytics understands that data visualization paired with sound analytics will help provide business users across all levels of the organization a unified view and insight into their business operations.


The word “Mobility” reminds us exactly what it means, being flexible and available at all places at all time. Similarly, with the invent of mobile devices, tablets have given way to a whole new generation of application developers that were never thought. Simple Analytics as an extension to its IT services and solutions provides Mobile Application Development.

Simple Analytics hot-shot developers understand what it takes to get our clients branding image from conception to reality. Our key strengths lie in the way we execute our Mobile Application Development projects in a low cost infrastructure facility with speed and quality not compromised.

With modern day organizations incorporating Bring Your Own Device Strategy to lower infrastructure computing cost, more than one third of the global workforce will become mobile enabled. We at Simple Analytics believe that in the future mobile apps solutions will be one of the key drivers for innovations within organizations.

Simple Analytics' mobility services and solutions offer end-to-end capability which can help customers adopt mobility and help them transform from market enablers to market leaders. Our competitive developers offer a full range of services from Consulting - Design - Development - Support services, to develop put-together comprehensive solutions that address the mobility needs of our client organizations.

Though there is a strong business case for enterprise mobility, the adoption rate within the industry has been generally slow. Simple Analytics Mobile application development believes in helping and supporting organizations to pace up the adoption rate by offering strategic advisory and consultancy services to enterprises by understanding the fragmented market place, platform and technology decision tree. Simple Analytics advisory service also helps leadership teams within organizations to enable mobility solutions to be key market differentiators.